Our applications and platforms offer users a chance to expand their global and local footprints, increase revenue opportunities, and cater to both individuals and businesses. Shoclef and our family of applications aim to offer solutions to the fundamental problems of transparency, access, and an increased reliance on a collaborative, digital economy.

Our namesake, Shoclef, has been focused on the intersection of mobile/eCommerce, global access, and cutting edge technologies. Shoclef’s original concept stated around 4 years ago, when the founder envisioned transforming the traditional brick-and-mortar retail shopping into an interconnected, global marketplace through live-streaming capabilities.

Since 2017, Shoclef Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries established offices in 8 different locations. We are rapidly expanding with plans underway to open 20 new offices in various locations within the next 6 months. Shoclef has continued to grow with a challenging and pioneering spirit based on the company’s business philosophy: “To unite great minds to innovate technology, products, and services that are accessible to people around the world”